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We are a pioneer in providing leading and innovative healthcare solutions to physicians across the country. Experts for ABA therapist and physicians serving the billing needs.



Since 2012 AMROMED has been building a business centered on delivering results by leveraging best practices for Billing Services, Practice Management System, Web Designing, and Software Development.

Our Methodology

AMROMED LLC can support diverse operations and can be scaled up quickly to meet customer’s increasing business needs. AMROMED LLC leverages strong relationships with leading technology vendors to access and acquire the latest technologies.
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“Amromed LLC” falls under the extension of Business Associate and has always been highly conscious of handling sensitive client and patient information with utmost confidentiality. HIPAA regulations are also of great concern to Amromed LLC. View More..

Bring Excellence to Your Revenue Cycle Management

There is a difference between working with experts and average medical billers. It is the difference between being paid and not. Between negotiating, better performing contracts, and not. It is the difference between working with Amromed & the rest. Stable monthly costs are essential for a dynamic businesses. Against the need to stabilise and streamline is the constant pressure to evolve with the market and retain competitive advantage. When your monthly costs are out of control. Centric solutions that enhance your competitive positioning, deliver exceptional customer value and industry leading growth. To fulfill this responsibility corporately, we are closely associated with the Change Foundation, a charitable and social organization

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Our Client Say

"I believe that by partnering with Amromed to manage key business components of my practice, I have gained invaluable in-house expertise in both accounts receivable and general business management. It just did not make good sense to me to reinvent the wheel, especially when I wanted to concentrate on doing what I knew and loved best - delivering quality patient care." - Client from MA

"Amromed is timely and on top of things…very aggressive, a well oiled machine. They are professional, service oriented, accommodating and easy to work with. The group is willing to travel anytime for face-to-face meetings and is in communication by phone or email daily. A burden has been lifted off my shoulders." - Client from MO

"In just the first six months since Amromed took over our billing from another billing company, we've seen our revenue grow 12.4 percent with no change in patient volume. I would highly recommend Amromed team to other physicians." - Client from CA


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