accounts receivable

Amromed can work your A/R and help you establish best practices for not only A/R collections, but also for avoiding denials and improving billing processes.


Following A/R execution can find cash that ought to be your

Amromed is aware of the significance of effective accounts receivable management for any company’s financial stability. By streamlining their accounts receivable procedures, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in maximizing their revenue. Amromed has gathered on the equilibriums that others deemed uncollectible and has warranted standing and productive cycles for working dissents and A/R.

Our Framework

We track down accounts that insurance firms need to follow up on. Our AR experts investigate claims that carriers have rejected, rejections that they have received from the clearing house, and low carrier payments. The evaluated claim information is given to the AR follow-up team for follow-up with the insurance provider and determination of claim status. The AR analysts conduct analysis and gather all claim information based on the follow-up team’s suggestions so that corrective action can be taken in the event of non-payment. Planning and carrying out the required action to recover the unpaid AR.

We help clinics, and practices speed up cash flow with our accounts receivable management by :