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Considering how complex the insurance and billing process is, amromed  can help your clinic offloading your work to a third party is a wise decision. Not to mention, outsourcing is also cost-effective. Though there are several factors that play into the decision, it is still more beneficial than an in-house billing staff.

Outsourcing lets the vendor prioritize your financial needs while the administrative and medical needs are taken care of by you.


is a pioneer when it comes to providing services to medical professionals. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and based on our experience, client feedback, and requirements, we have curated our services to meet the best of your needs.

– Medical Billing

Medical Billing is Amromed’s forte. With our expertise and resources, we are able to guarantee maximum claim reimbursement for our clients. Our process is meticulous and efficient. As our only priority is our clients’ billing, we are able to promise 99% collection.

– Credentialing & Enrollment

Credentialing is a long and frustrating process, which often leads to a delay in patient treatment. Amromed’s policy is to get our clients credentialed within 90 days of the submission of their details. Our specialists are with you throughout the process and will guide you accordingly.

– Denials & AR Management

Denials and Accounts Receivable are a big part of the revenue cycle management. It is not enough if the claims are accepted, the denials also have to be worked and AR has to be cashed. Since reworking denials are quite expensive & exhausting, it often takes a backseat. When you outsource it to Amromed, our staff will work on it until they are reimbursed.


Full-Time Equivalent is the prescribed solution when you do not want to outsource your process. With an FTE, you can get a billing specialist, RCM Team Lead, and AR & Denial Analysis Expert according to your needs and requirements. Our FTEs are versatile players. They can work along with your in-house staff and improve the workflow.


A single Case Agreement is the best option when the client isn’t in the same geographical area as the provider or the provider is yet to be credentialed. SCA rates are negotiated by the payer and the provider. Amromed acts as a middleman and gets the best possible rates for the providers. It also helps in guiding through the administrative aspect.

– Benefits Verifications

Verification of Benefits is an important step. It acts as a precautionary measure and helps in

decreasing the chances of denials. Though it is vital to billing, it is a tedious task that adds up to the workload of the staff. But with Amromed, you can smoothen the process. We leave no stones unturned. Our staff is thorough and accurate.

– Practise Management System

Our Practice Management Software, TherapyPMS is designed to increase the productivity of the practice, streamline the billing process and enhance patient management. Medical practice management can help. It is a SaaS-based web application that does everything from scheduling to paying your staff.

Amromed is dedicated to providing the best possible services to make the provider’s life easier. We are a one-stop shop for them. At, Amromed we believe in excellency and it reflects in our work.

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