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Each EOB is examined for right installment as well as advantages and credited suitably. At the point when fundamental, quick advances are taken to process and fix neglected or decreased cases to guarantee that you get each conceivable penny. Checks are sent straightforwardly to you.
We constantly track your net assortment rate (the genuine installment versus the contracted rate) to guarantee you are getting your reasonable part. Amromed Charging Administrations will further develop your net assortment rate and your typical assortment per charge, which means more cash in your pocket. We want to assist you with beginning or to assist you with working on your current practice. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you don’t get compensated, we don’t get compensated. It is to our common advantage to gather the full repayment for administrations delivered.
Every month we work on the records receivable maturing report. At the point when a case isn’t paid, we exploration and fix the issue and resubmit the case. We will decrease your records receivable days remarkable, and that implies less of your cash is restricted. We forcefully track, make due, and follow up quickly on all dissents

Credentialing & Enrollment

All your credentialing and enlistment requirements will be dealt with by our credentialing trained professionals. At the point when you employ new suppliers, you can definitely relax, we will deal with it.

Credentialing & Enrollment

All your credentialing and enrollment needs will be handled by our credentialing specialists. When you hire new providers, don’t worry, we will take care of it.

Insurance Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Accurate and meticulous insurance verifications – eligibility and benefits can be a time-consuming process for clinics.

Thorough eligibility and benefits verification help in reducing insurance claim denials due to incorrect billing, which can result in significant loss of revenue for healthcare providers.

Our insurance verification process will check procedure-specific coverage and benefits and all out-of-pocket costs so that patients know what is due before their visit. This will help patient collections and prevent it from aging and eventually becoming uncollectable.

Claims Submission / Rejections

All claims are audited by our experts to make sure claims are billed per on the contract and within the current 2019 CPT guidelines.s

Our audits have shown immense accuracy, allowing providers to get their reimbursements faster.

If there are any denials it will be fixed the next day after receipt of the EOB.

Payment Posting - ERA and Manual

Payment reconciling with received deposits via EFT or paper check will be processed timely and accurately.

Each time payments are received we will reconcile the claim to make sure that there are no underpayments or overpayments.

Any patient responsibility will be verified with the patient insurance benefits to make sure the claim process accurately.

Any errors found will be reprocessing on the same day.

Insurance Underpayment Recovery

Any underpaid claims are sent to our payment recovery team and are addressed with high-level care to make sure that you are getting paid per the contract.

Necessary actions are taken with the insurance network management team to avoid underpayments on future claims.

Correspondence and Denial Management

Correspondence from the insurance companies are reviewed and action will be taken within 24-48 hours from the date received.

Any denials that get captured during the payment posting will be addressed.

Our goal will be to identify the root cause of the denial and have it fixed so the denial will not get repeated again.

High denial percentage

Regulatory pressures

High / Aged AR Days

Correspondence and Denial Management

Our team will follow-up on any outstanding claims on the respective follow-up date. We will make sure all payments are paid on time.

We will apply the required pressure to any party that owes you money. Let us focus on collections and you focus on providing quality services.

Generating invoices for patient responsibility

Patient invoices will be generated once a monthly or every 15 days’ basis.

Only after we have audited each invoice to ensure matches the patient benefits.

We send invoices out via mail or email depending on your preference.

Providing both general and specific reports as required by Client

Reports like billing, deposits and AR percentages are submitted to you or your team on a monthly/weekly basis giving you live updates on every happening.

Any other tailored reports that you request will be provided by us as well.

We have over a decade of proven results; our RCM services increase cash flows and higher patient satisfaction results for our clients. We look forward to serving you and your patients with the same level of commitment.