Credentialing Services

The Credentialing Group at Amromed is specifically designed to support the needs of hospitals, physician groups, urgent care centers, community health centers, behavioral health facilities, telehealth providers, vision providers, and more.


Credentialing protects patients, prevents revenue loss and protects reputations

Credentialing is a fundamental cycle for all medical care associations that should be performed consistently to guarantee that those medical care laborers who will offer clinical types of assistance are able to do as such.

If you visualize healthcare as a series of interlocking processes, the most profoundly important process is to trust that providers can do what they say they can do. Sadly, a prerequisite frequently brings about medical care suppliers not getting compensated. Staying aware of the necessities is a difficult and tedious arrangement of exercises that benefits incredibly from cutting-edge programming and experienced faculty.

Amromed relieves the administrative burden of credentialing – nationwide Amromed has an exceptionally engaged Credentialing Gathering that is explicitly intended to help the requirements of emergency clinics, doctor gatherings, local area wellbeing focuses, conduct wellbeing offices, telehealth providers,and more. This can be achieved by working with Amromed Credentialing administration which is overseen by a gathering of profoundly respected credentialing specialists in the field.
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV)
Demonstrating that a supplier is suitably qualified requires an interaction called Essential Source Check. It means you cannot take someone’s word for a provider’s qualifications, you must provide proof from a primary source that what the provider claims are true, is indeed true. This is a task that is exacting and can be tedious. That is where mistakes can be made, and in this field, mistakes are unacceptable. Mistakes endanger patients, but the practice at risk, and reduce revenues while they are corrected.
  • Payor Enrollment
Payor enrollment entails applying for in-network status for medical professionals and facilities. This process is critical to ensure all medical professionals become billable as soon as possible. Because Amromed has credentialing professionals on our team, we can quickly improve your revenue flow for both government and private insurers.Using proprietary CredNgo, we speed up the labor-intensive process of tracking renewals and completing applications while also providing comprehensive reporting on each credentialing detail of your practice and providers:
    • Multi-state contracting
    • Delegated credentialing
    • Sanction monitoring
    • Project work for PSV and Payor Enrollment
    • Monthly maintenance
    • Application submissions for new clinics/providers
    • CAQH attestations each quarter
    • Retrieve fee schedules
    • Add practice locations with insurance carriers
    • Appeals of closed insurance panel
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