Expert Consultation

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Amromed has 14 years of experience and expertise in working with many billing software. We can work on the project immediately without any training or steep learning curve as we also have expertise in many medical specialties. On average, our one doctor saves about $25,000/year.
We deal in a wide range of specialties like anesthesiology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, urology, emergency medicine and many more. We also have certified billers and coders which are capable of handling all the aspects of the billing process. We can make solutions for every small and large size medical businesses.
Expert Consultation


With over 14 years of experience, Amromed has been the best when it comes to delivering expert consultation. Team Amromed works effectively towards the client’s requirement and help them understand the basic concept of medical specialties. Our mastery in working with many charging programming, is what makes us different from other billing companies. We can chip away at the undertaking promptly with almost no preparation to learn and adapt as we likewise have skill in numerous medicinal fortes. By and large, our one specialist spares about $25,000/year when they advise medical experts. We bargain in a wide scope of claims to fame like anesthesiology, plastic medical procedure, orthopedics, urology, emergency medication a lot of more of it. We likewise have guaranteed billers and coders which are fit for dealing with every one of the parts of the charging procedure. We can make answers for each little and enormous size medicinal organizations, and can bring in detailed information based on the requirement.