Home – Hippa HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is revolutionizing healthcare information management. Any organization that electronically stores or transmits patient information must take enterprise-wide steps to adhere to HIPAA’s sweeping privacy, security and transactions standards. Essentially, HIPAA requires healthcare entities to “re-architect” how they capture, store, and transmit health data and to ensure that they protect personal health information and the privacy rights of patients.

Does Amromed LLC falls under HIPAA rules? Under HIPAA privacy rules, “Amromed LLC” falls under the extension of Business Associate. A Business Associate (BA) is any person(s) or entity which performs a function or activity on behalf of a Covered Entity (CE) and involves the use or disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). Amromed LLC considers the HIPAA regulations a call to revolutionize its overall processes and aggressively move towards a more secure deployment of electronically transmitted healthcare information. By adopting a best practice approach to privacy and security, we earn the confidence of our clients. Confidence equates to loyalty, and loyalty will help leverage our business to obtain untapped, parallel business. We at Amromed LLC have always been highly conscious of handling sensitive client and patient information with utmost confidentiality. HIPAA regulations are also of great concern to Amromed LLC and we take all patient information matters seriously.

To maintain security and to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the information transmitted, Amromed LLC enters into a trust partner agreement with the client. Our industry knowledge and integrated internal business processes position us to help our clients address the challenges of HIPAA while meeting their long-term and financial goals.

The following is a list of the privacy, security and confidentiality measures that we take at Amromed LLC:

The employees at Amromed LLC sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements at the onset of a project. We ensure that the professionals and administrators at Amromed LLC who have access to sensitive information have signed the required confidentiality agreements and understand how important maintaining confidentiality is to our success.
All the systems at Amromed LLC have antivirus software and firewalls. The systems are updated with virus definitions on a daily basis. We conduct technical evaluations on a routine basis to ensure that all the systems in our office meet the necessary security agreements.
All our employees use passwords to logon to their computers. This system prevents unauthorized access to data. Every professional at Amromed LLC is given a unique user ID and password when accessing customer data.
All the employees at Amromed LLC are given training on security, privacy and confidentiality.
We have disabled all the external drives in the systems at Amromed LLC.
All our offices are guarded by security personal on a 24x7x365 days basis.
We have stringent processes to monitor and detect any breach of security.
We have stringent processes to monitor and detect any breach of security.
All the data that is transferred from our customers’ office to our office is encrypted to ensure that none of the data is deciphered.
The professionals at Amromed LLC are not allowed to bring pen drives, PDAs or any other electronic devices into our offices.
Our employees are not allowed to bring in or take out any paper, printouts or written documents without permission.
All the systems at Amromed LLC have restricted print permissions.
All the systems at Amromed LLC have restricted print permissions.
All the offices of Amromed LLC have security measures to prevent the vandalism or theft of any information stored in our systems.
We hold random checks of systems and employees on a regular basis.
The offices of Amromed LLC have smoke alarm and multiple fire extinguishers. Outsource your business processes to Amromed LLC and stay assured about the complete privacy, security and confidentiality of your data.