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What exactly FTE is? What is it? Why do you need it? And how can Amromed help you with it?

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The general definition of FTE, or Full-Time Equivalent, is a unit of measurement used to compare employed workers, despite the fact that they may work a different number of hours each week. In other terms, it refers to the number of hours that must be worked during a work week in an organization to qualify as a full-time employee. FTE is not directly tied to the number of employees working, but rather to the number of hours that must be worked every work week.

The term full-time equivalent (FTE) is used to identify the number of employees required to staff a department or even an enterprise.

FTE as a service refers to hiring a person for a specific job for a particular amount of period. In the event of a hospital or a private clinic, not wanting to outsource their RCM or looking for a way to cut down hiring and training costs, they choose to hire an FTE. In this case, they are able to have access to a professional while still running an in-house business.

The question, “But what is the need for an FTE when there is an in-house staff” might arise. FTEs are professionals who have extensive experience in all aspects of revenue management.

They can help you with anything and everything you need. In-house billing staff might not be as knowledgeable or trained as a third party. That is why clinics are now preferring FTEs. It ensures they have more control over their revenue cycle process and also have an expert helping them.


● Patients’ Insurance Eligibility

● Team Co-Ordinator

● Claims Creation and Transmission

● AR & Denial Analysis Expert

● RCM Team Lead

● Following up with denied claims

● EOBs and ERAs

● Denial & AR Manager

● Patient/Insurance AR Management-Mailing

● Claim Management Expert


Our FTEs are experts and problem solvers who will ensure no stone is left unturned. With FTEs, there is no transition period. Once the client is onboarded, our FTEs immediately start working on the issue. We also provide a dedicated manager who can manage all the FTEs and serve as the point of contact. This is highly beneficial for providers who are trying to optimize their resources.

FTEs promote a quick and efficient workflow. As our staff will be working alongside the clients, the in-house staff can focus on providing better service at the clinic while our FTE works on more complex issues. This improves productivity drastically. Though hiring an FTE might seem like a temporary solution, it is anything but that. Amromed provides FTE for as long as our clients need. We don’t leave anything midway. We always ensure all the promises to the clients are fulfilled.

Amromed provides a dedicated FTE. The services we provide via an FTE are exclusively for a particular client. This personalization ensures there is no place for error or miscommunication.

The client also has access to the monthly KPIs of each FTE which helps them to see how exactly we help them. Choosing Amromedfor your FTE requirement gives you access to the experts at a fraction of the cost. Our pricing is very competitive and the lowest in the market. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.